Why Did We Meet?

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The other day I was reading a lot of successful love stories while they are traveling. I am an avid fan of Two Monkeys Travel’s Kach and Jon, who just got married a few days ago, and their love story is fantastic. Something I think before can only happen on telenovelas and movies. I am watching their wedding video, and it is full of love and a unique love story on the road. They crossed the path because of a similar decision they made, which is exploring the world! Life has so many surprises, and it is awe-inspiring when one day, you will just realize why things happened the way it is happening to you right now. Why did we meet? Probably this is the question running in your mind whenever you think of that person that makes your heart excited every time.

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We may have different love stories, some already found it, some are waiting for it, some are currently in their search. It could be a good or bad story, but whatever your love story is, I am pretty sure there is this excellent reason why did you guys meet. We may not know it now, but one day all the dots will be connected. One day, everything will just make sense.

There are billions of billions of people in the world. Different races, cultures, upbringing, religion, beliefs. Different ages, skin colors, languages, and more. Each country can be miles and miles away. The world is so vast and vague. How can two people meet and connect? Wonder how things can mysteriously move? Letting two people find each other despite every circumstances and diversity.

With the help of technologies and innovations, no doubt, it is a lot easier for people to communicate. From being strangers in person or online to acquaintances and friends or even more than that. But have you ever wondered, of all the people out there, why them…?
Every person you meet is unique. Some are fun and cool. Others are strict and well mannered. Some are exceptional, and others will treat you tas heir baby doll.
Did my heart love til now
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There will come a time that God will be too playful to you. He will test your patience, kindness, and flexibility as a person. Out of nowhere, he might just give you just a few days to be with someone you don’t genuinely know. Eventually, out of your thoughts, they might just be the one you’ve waited for so long. You might also feel like you’ve known them for quite some time, but in reality, not. They can also be your worst enemy or whatever that person can serve in your life. Who knows about God’s plans? So you better say in full grace— “Okay, Lord, I trust you on this!”


This time, it is not “love moves in mysterious ways,” it is definitely— God moves in mysterious ways! Indeed, people come and go from your life; others stay, others go, and others come back. Whether they stay, go, or will return, there is a beautiful reason and purpose why they become part of our lives. An incredible sense why God lets us meet one another. And that is what we need to treasure. Disregard all the loneliness, pains, and heartaches. Take with you the memories and learning from all that you’ve been through together, whether it is as short as five days or longer than 20 years, treasure it! Remember that life is all about loving, learning, and forgiving.

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