The Hardest Pill: 8 Things I Learned This 2018

I stumble, fall, roll, sprint, breakdown, bounce back and forth, then stand up strong like never before.

Let me share with you the eight lessons I learned this 2018 and will continue to keep with me in the years to come.

8 Things I Learned The Hard Way This 2018

  1.  Trust your instinct/gut feeling. Trust it. Do not ignore it. Emotion usually blinds people towards another person, and they tend to shrug things off even if hints are all flashing right onto their faces. There is a reason for your gut feeling. Hold on to it and be patient. Do not move like a detective or force things because you are so eager to know answers right away. This will only lead you to wrong conclusions. Things will unfold on its own then it is time for you to take actions. Your instinct/gut feeling is your initial key to unlock answers to your questions and doubts. Consider it. Trust it!
  2. Leave after the first lie. I am not saying second chances are wrong, but it depends when you should give it. Will it be worth it? What I am saying is that a good person will always choose honesty for lying will hurt ten times more! Good people will do their best, to be honest, to still be truthful to their words. They believe that integrity is paramount as it is the umbrella of everything that defines them as a person.
  3. Forgive but do not forget. I am not saying that you bring up the problem all over again every misunderstanding, no. What I am saying is you use it as your guide.
  4.  Anything that destroys your inner peace let go. When the right people surround you, and the right things, your inner peace/peace of mind will remain intact. Everything will always feel right.
  5. Happiness is a choice and a state of mind. Happiness isn’t material things, nor someone you are with. It is not the people or things you think will complete you. Happiness is you. You can be the happiest even when alone. Real happiness is simple, kind and straightforward. Genuine happiness is contentment. It is within you because you love yourself first.
  6. Always be kind. When someone did terrible to you, hurt you or anything that is against you, kill them with kindness. You’ll end up the winner.
  7. Follow what your heart and mind have decided to meet halfway. Best decisions in life aren’t made by just using your mind or your heart alone. Heart and mind can compromise with each other. Listen and think carefully.
  8. Love yourself FIRST. When you know yourself, and you love yourself first, it will lead you to acceptance, contentment, and happiness. Others will only be a bonus. Focus on yourself. Regain what you’ve lost within you. Be free. Explore. Travel the world. Do what you love!


In 2018 I experience some of the hardest pills to swallow. I saw myself crying beside drainage (it sounds funny, but it is what it is. Of all places, right?). There were consecutive days every week that I drowned myself with alcohol thinking it could numb me, but it didn’t. I woke up one morning; the heart is filled with anger. Struggling, but still, keep putting on my smiling mask, so people will think I am okay. At the end of the day when I am alone, I cry myself to sleep. Failures, heartaches, depression, name it! Difficult times seem never-ending.

…in 2018 I devour some of the hardest pills, and I come back mighty.

Indeed, acceptance is easy to say, but it is tough to do. It is hard to accept that I choose the wrong people. Hard to admit that there are people I value who doesn’t appreciate me. Difficult to recognize that no matter how good you are to someone, they can treat you like nothing. Failures are heartbreaking. Rejections are puzzling. It is tough to accept that there are questions that will be left unanswered whether you like it or not! Life isn’t always about sunshine. There are dark clouds overhead that block the sun, but the good thing about it is it will pass. Certainly, regardless of all the difficulty, yes, in 2018 I devour some of the hardest pills, and I come back mighty. I learned that every cloud has a silver lining, and everything that has happened will make sense in its own perfect time.

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