I Am The Luckiest Girl This 2017!

2017 witness my highest highs and my lowest lows. This is the year I am the happiest, and at some point kicks in chunks of loneliness. We all go through different situations in life that teach us to become the better version of ourselves which is the most important, right? In 2017, I am at my total freedom. I experience the world through my travels and come closer to the reality of the world outside my box. I come out stronger than ever! In 2017, I am the luckiest. I know I’m a lucky girl and I want to share you the luckiness this year has offered me through the things I learned.


Not everyone is able to travel to destinations at their own time and phase due to a lot of aspects such as career, priorities, and others. I consider myself lucky because I get the opportunity to do traveling freely. 2017 is the year full of travels and adventures for me, and one of the important things I learned from it is to not be afraid of having no plan at all. Sounds funny but, yes it is true!

Planning is proper and great, but spontaneity is the best! I left the Philippines last July with just a roundtrip ticket. One hostel booking confirmation. A travel insurance. Cash and ATM. A draft itinerary with basically the idea which countries I will be visiting and hostels that are good to stay. Initially, I plan to backpack Southeast Asia for two months only just to test the waters, but I ended up backpacking for five months! Planning is good, but traveling that only sticks to what you plan is not an explorative journey at all! Just enjoy your time while learning on the road. Do not be afraid of the fact of having no plan at all, but prepare to have the most fabulous time of your life!


“I learn that being crazy is actually a good thing. It is normal, and it is okay.”

If you are not crazy, you are not normal! Growing up in a country where the majority of people are Catholics and has a conservative culture, I am always conscious of the way I act. Always considering what other people would say and think. There is still an absolute barrier that hides and filters my real self in front of other people. Most of the time I am shy to express the real me. It takes time for me to actually reveal what kind of person I am.

During all my travels, it is proven that I am absolutely crazy! I made some awesome friends and met a lot of incredible people because we all have something in common which is craziness at its finest! Just being true to our skin, wearing sincere smiles and kindness. I learn that being crazy is actually a good thing. It is normal, and it is okay.


Love is a vital part of everyone’s existence. Without love we are nothing. It is the fuel that keeps us from making the world the best place to live. It is love that makes us sound people, but it is also the reason for our pain.

2017 is the year I was able to give up and let go. They say, “when something’s gone, something better is coming.” It indeed happens. It is there for a long time, and it never leaves. Something better comes, but along with it is not an easy journey. But remember, you are meant to be when you go through everything that is intended to tear you apart, but you come out even stronger! At the end of the day, you should always choose to focus on what keeps you together.

Love is unconditional, and unconditional love is given to someone who deserves to have it, and I am happy to say that I have him.

Let me leave you with Jack Kerouac’s words…

“Be in love with your life every minute of it.”

For unconditional love to prevail, you must love yourself first and be in love with your life every minute of it because that is when you’ll know you reach real happiness.


Never judge. Yes, we all absolutely no right to judge other people because what we see a few times we encounter them doesn’t define who they really are. We do not know their stories. Whether at some point we experience rudeness from them or they treated us unwell, still don’t judge. I learned that if you really are a good person, you will always see the good in every individual regardless of how they treat you. Remember the saying, “if someone hits you a stone, throw him bread.” It is better to be kind than seek revenge. I believe that your weapon to succeed in life is HUMILITY. All the goodness you offer to the world will all come back to you in good karma.

2017 is a fantastic year! I am grateful for all the blessings I received and are still winning. I am thankful for all the people who are behind me through ups and downs. I am who I am today because of you. My prayer this coming 2018 is to have a bigger heart than ever, to see the best in everything, to see the goodness in everybody, to inspire people from what I do and for who I am. Thank you 2017 for making me the luckiest girl! I am claiming that in 2018, I will be luckier! Let’s jumpstart that! Cheers!

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