It’s All in Your Mind!

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve! It is all in your mind. Go do it!”

I am down in my last few weeks of backpacking before I fly back home after 5 long months of traveling around Southeast Asia. My final stop, none other than the beguiling country of Indonesia!

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It is because of Indonesia’s pristine beaches, rock formations, and dramatic landscapes that made me want to cap off my Southeast Asia trip here. Little did I know, the great adventure that will test my limits will happen when I least plan and expect it.


Tired body, emotional heart, and a fighting mind, these compose what I call the highlight of my Indonesia trip! Behind all my smiles and beautiful photos are shaking knees, tired feet, freezing hands, dry lips and sleepy self.

Hiking Mount Rinjani is the hardest thing I did in five months of backpacking Southeast Asia. For an inexperienced hiker like me, it is so difficult to make it to the summit. Hiking up in the dark at 2 in the morning without my eyeglasses (lost it somewhere I do not know) on is insane. Way up is getting steeper and steeper. There is no turning back!

In the last one hour of the hike, I am struggling. It is very steep, sandy and slippery. Two steps up, one step down! Legs and feet are heavy. I couldn’t barely move because I am freezing. The wind is whistling in my ears. I am numb with cold even I am wearing a layered thick shirt, winter jacket, wind jacket, knitted hat, bandana, and gloves! Body is so dead tired and begins to lose hope that I will make it. I am lost for words to describe how difficult it is, but probably I called all the angels, Saints, Gods or whoever just to have more strength and power!

My mind is trying its best to motivate me and reminds myself of my goal: to reach Mt. Rinjani’s summit but, my heart is getting weak and my body getting weaker. I am almost giving up… but if not because of my badass hiking sticks and my guide Kecaf’s help, support, and motivation I wouldn’t make it to the top. Kecaf didn’t think twice to lend his hand to pull me up until I reach the summit. We hike the goal together. He always says, “Come on Yvette. You can do this! We are almost there.” In this, I am not only with a guide, but I gain support and a good friend. I get more than what I pay for.

My mind and heart finally see the light and are shouting, “you are here to finish this hike and reach the top!” I push myself to the limit until I finally step my feet on the summit of Mount Rinjani.


I am as high as the clouds! The sun is slowly showing up, beaming brightly! What a great morning. I am in awe! 360 degrees you will see the clouds are moving out. As the sun shines up, stunning rock formations, superb-heart-stopping landscapes will welcome you. I am literally out of words the entire time and just feel the breeze and appreciate the incredible beauty that is in front of me!

As Napoleon Hill once said, whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve! It is all in your mind. Go do it! Our brain has an amazingly powerful influence on our bodyโ€™s functioning. Whenever we feel like giving up, always remember the goal. Most of us are unaware that we quit when we are in fact close to the target and regret things when we can no longer go back and continue what we started. Remember that nothing worth having and experiencing comes easy. We have to work hard for it. It might be strenuous, but know that it is all going to be worth it!

Glad I didn’t give up. I will forever cherish this experience and cheers for more volcanoes to hike!

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