I Love my Brown Skin and I am Proud to be Filipina!

Growing up, I feel pressured about myself, having this thought I really should use whitening products. I am even teased “maitim” (dark), “uling” (charcoal) before. But, every time I travel and hear people from other countries complimenting how beautiful my complexion is, it gives me self-confidence, and over time, I learned to wholeheartedly accept and love my own… that I should embrace my morena skin because it is beautiful! It is the real complexion of a pure Filipina beauty. You just have to love your own and be proud of it!


Then why morena skin is beautiful? Why should every Filipino love their natural brown skin?Can’t you observe, foreign white people are staying under the sun on the beaches just to get that tan and you, naturally have this beautiful brown skin. They are probably feeling envy of you so, be proud of it! Be a proud Filipina!  As you continue reading, say this repeatedly to yourself, “I love my brown skin. I am Filipina!”

It is irritating every time I read Facebook statuses and hear verbal statements complaining how “Negra” (dark) they are each time they spend time under the sun. Also, statements such as “Ang itim itim mo na paano ka magkaka-boyfriend n’yan?!” (You are getting really dark, how can you have a boyfriend?). It is irritating also every time someone will always try to sell you glutathione products in the mall and even on social media. Please, stop. I tried using whitening soaps before, and nothing happened, say hello to my dominant melanin! I also sell them for business back then.
Morena Filipina
Sadly, the trend here in the Philippines is, if your skin is fair, you are beautiful. When you go to shops, there are always whitening soaps, whitening lotions; all are “WHITENING”! Even commercials and celebrities are promoting these products and Filipinos are patronizing it to achieve a white skin.

If I were to advise my fellow Filipinas and other people who don’t have fair skin, remember you are beautiful no matter what your complexion is! Don’t waste money on glutathione, and whitening products. Stop killing your melanin because it will save you from skin cancer. Don’t hide under the sun instead, love Mr. Sun!

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