Hitting Off Your First Solo Travel!


Sharing with you a photo of my first elephant ride with my buddy Lady Kaka (Yes it is her name! ) during my first out of the country trip in Phuket, Thailand and my first ever solo traveling experience! 🐘🐘🐘Here, I am happy to share some things on how you can amazingly hit off your first solo trip!

So this year, I started to fulfill another goal from my bucket list which is–Traveling Solo. I had my first out of the country travel in the first month of the year 2016, and guess what?! I traveled solo for the first time too! It was a back to back firsts of my traveling life! Indeed a great start and I was pleased about it. My traveling solo journey continues up to this month, and hopefully, I can do a lot more traveling this year!

My first elephant ride in Phuket, Thailand
Beautiful sunset at Liam Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand! Photo taken by a tourist I asked to take my photo ☺
Beautiful sunset at Liam Sing Beach, Phuket, Thailand!
Photo taken by a tourist I asked to take my photo ☺


Along the way, I noticed a lot of differences and difficulties when you are traveling alone compared to your travels within a group. Number one on the list is, of course, capturing the moments! It is the time where you will appreciate a travel companion to, of course, take your photos along the journey. But remember, this should not stop you from traveling solo! So what I do now is practice my solo traveling photography 101! On this technique, strangers you encounter on the places you are in, your camera, your creativity, and charm are your tickets to be successful in this.


Use your charm and don’t be shy to ask strangers if they can take a photo of you so you will not just have tons of selfies to keep. Use your creativity and angling techniques as well as improvise when you are taking your selfies, or in my case, I use TIMER a lot and then pose! Above all, having confidence, being friendly and switching on your care-free-self are essential to note. Even when you are alone, you’ll never feel like you are, because you are merely making the most out of the journey! Just seize the moment, girl!


Being mindful and alert is a must wherever you go, whether it be in your own country or a foreign country. It is more needed especially if you are on your own where no friends or family members are with you to back you up, to remind you and guide you.

Be mindful of your things and always double check. Every time I go out of my accommodation to have tours or walk around the area, I only bring a small sling bag with me where I put all the things I need, usually, my wallet, room key, handkerchief, tissue/wipes, and cellphone. I don’t bring many things outside, but I make it a point that I double check them before living one place to another.

Be mindful of the people around you. There is nothing wrong with doing this. It is okay if you filter a little or be choosy to people you interact. Apparently, “Don’t talk to strangers” saying won’t apply to this because you are a traveler. Making friends is a must but, we always have this natural feeling inside us if a person is a good one or not. Especially for girls, make use of your strong instinct. There is nothing wrong with being careful, you know!😉


Traveling is all about collecting memories, seizing the moment, doing what you love, freedom, sharing, independence and all those purposes each traveler has by wandering the world. All of these are relevant but one thing I am sure all of us have in common—it is meeting new people and making friends. This way, we find a home away from home. With these people, we get to meet, share laughs, memories with, and most of the time make our travels easy and guided plus the perks of knowing somebody in an area are good reasons why traveling is worthwhile. Most importantly, you learn from them so, treasure these people. Make friends with them even on social media so by the time you need to leave; you can always keep in touch. You will never know when are you going back, but it is still good to have friends to catch up everywhere in the world.

These are just bits of learning I had based on my first solo traveling experience. It has been amazing! And I am happy to update this more as I learn new things on the road. Keep on exploring, dreaming and discovering!

Happy travels! 😘





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