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Why Giving Up Is Unconditional Love?

“Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work.”

I was going through my Facebook feed when I pass on an article about Long-Distance Relationship. This topic is something I can relate to because I am in LDR for kind of a long time now, and it is still surviving. But it is insanely difficult, we all know that!

What I notice is when you browse or google Long-Distance Relationship, you usually see it is more tips on how you can make it work. I know it should be encouraging because being in this kind of relationship needs a lot of positivity, trust, and optimism to survive, and when you read something that discourages the nature of it, it is apparently sad. Whether you admit or not, it affects you at some point.


But, let us talk about unconditional love. When you ask someone what love is, we usually hear the saying, “Love is unconditional. Love conquers all. ” We all believe in these, right? But how far love can conquer all in a long-distance relationship? What is unconditional love for LDR?

It is no joke that we, most of the time, face double the problems compared to a typical relationship wherein the couple is physically together. We rely on the internet and our mobile phones/laptops to communicate. Without it, we are doomed. We have tons of issues like overthinking every time there is something unusual going on, like our partner not answering calls, their whereabouts, etc. and we can’t do anything about figuring things out because of the distance. And the idea that all of us are scared about is the temptation. We are paranoid that maybe they will find someone better. That it is easy for them to replace us. We begin to question ourselves, “I cannot give him everything he needs because I am far away. Maybe I am not enough. How long can he control himself from temptation? What will I do?” We cannot help but overthink all these situations in our heads. I understand. Been there and still going through it most of the time. You are not alone!

The temptation is everywhere. It is scary. It is a problem with the majority of relationships, especially in a long-distance one. Being away from each other is frustrating. You cannot even touch each other. You are not physically present during the times he needs you. It makes you crazy, overthinking things. It is insane and takes a lot of sacrifices. I want to remind people who are in a long-distance relationship that we all know in the first place even before we enter this kind of relationship that it is going to be so damn hard. We knew it, and we decided to continue, why? Because we love our partner. We believe that our love for each other is strong enough to conquer everything. Love conquers all, right?

Those who are going through rough times. Those who have all the evidence they have but still decide to forgive, ask your partner this:

Why are problems in our relationship’s way?

Why are problems in your relationship’s way? It is because unknowingly, you begin to be selfish. You start to question your partner’s absence and distance, which is not even her choice and fault. Your relationship is at the stake of falling apart because you are vulnerable to temptations. You begin to find what is lacking at the moment from other people. Whether it is physical needs or whatever it is you are needing, and your partner cannot comply because she is far away. Is it her fault? No. Do you think about your partner for a split second every time you are having a fun, steamy time with another person while she is waiting for your message or call from the other side of the globe? Yes or no? Are you even guilty, but then again, shrug it off because you are selfish as of the moment? Will you be happy at the end of the day?


Love is unconditional. It is commitment, forgiveness, sacrifices, and courage. Stick to your relationship as long as you think you can if that makes you happy but, one thing I learn and is also part of loving unconditionally… is when you surrender.

Giving up is unconditional love. When everything isn’t in your favor, and you think giving way is the only thing you can do to ease confusion, hassle, and pain for the majority of people involved, then give up. Love is selfless. If you are selfless, that is unconditional love. I know it takes everything in you to determine the hardest decision you’ll ever make, but remember, you’ve done everything you could. There is no need to blame yourself. When you are ready to let go for your love, even if it means pain for you, that is real love.

I also believe that the love each of us deserves is the love that you do not have to compete nor fight for you to get or retain it. Instead, it will be given to you willingly and wholeheartedly because you deserve it. He chooses you. If he genuinely loves you, he will not let you suffer. He will not make you feel you are a backup plan. If he made mistakes before, but you already have given him countless times of chances, he will not make the same mistake again that your unconditional love has forgiven. After all, genuine love for you will feel as if everything is perfect and in their right places.

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