Infidelity and broken heart

An Open Letter to Women who Let Herself be an Object of Infidelity

Infidelity – one word but heavy in meaning. A word most of us hate and can relate so much to when talked about, and it reminds us of a lot of unpleasant memories at one point of our lives. One powerful word that can break most of our hearts.

Infidelity: Choice not a Mistake

One day, she unashamedly messages you to get lost because she wants to be with your man. It is as if you are the person who just popped up like a mushroom, and ruined everything for you. Can you hear yourself? If you are still confused, and you do not know the woman you ruthlessly broke, let me introduce her.

She is probably one of the most patient, and understanding women beside the man you want. The woman with him all these years before you even meet him. Through ups and downs, she is supporting him, may it be unfavorable on her side or not. You do not know all her struggles to keep the relationship strong regardless of distance or any rough times in between until you arrive, ruin it. You do not know how hard it is to endure all the difficulties that their kind of relationship has. But there you are and want to tear it apart just like that. How dare you?


Despite all you’ve done, she’s given you forgiveness and understanding. Despite the thought that she should not entertain talking to you, she spoke and listened to you just like a matured woman does. As civil as she can get, woman to woman. After that, she thought it would be the end, but you never stop regardless of her plea. Irrespective of the knowledge that this man you want is in a relationship, you still let yourself be an object of infidelity! You continue with all these inappropriate things you should not suppose to do. Sending indecent photos, initiating flirting, and all those things one cannot believe a woman can do.

Ask Yourself These…

Are you even decent enough? Is it fulfilling for you? Are you satisfied? Are you content being an option? Is it difficult to be a bigger person, putting yourself away from making your life complicated and for the possibility of ruining someone else’s most precious relationship? What do you get from inserting yourself into something you are not supposed to be? Do you even imagine your daughter experiencing an awful situation with regards her relationship? Or do you also want her to have an indecent affair? Come to think of it. For sure you are more than this, but you do not know! You know why? It is because you do not respect and love yourself first. You do not love yourself enough, and you apparently do not have respect for yourself.

“Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.” – C.S Lewis

Integrity – (n.) Something that you do not have because if you do, then none of this could ever happen.

It is funny how desperate a person can be. If someone is taken, they are taken. Put that in mind regardless of any situation they may be! Do not try to ruin their relationship just because you want them. Do not even try to make stupid ways to destroy them and the relationship. I wonder how low you can even get out of your selfish motives.

You love him? No, that is not loving. If you love a person, you will do what is right. You will lead the person to the right path and let things unveil its course. Not drag him down to vulnerability and temptation. I have no respect for any woman who is allowing herself to be an object of infidelity. On the other hand, a real man will cut off any female that indeed threatens his relationship with his woman if he truly loves her. Cheating is indeed a choice, not a mistake.

Advice for All Those Left Hurting

Revenge? Nah. Revenge is never a solution. Just sit there and let karma fuck them up! In the end, what’s yours is yours.






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